Inventia continues global expansion into the Indian market through a distribution agreement for RASTRUM™ with Biotron Healthcare PVT Ltd

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Posted Jun 22 2023

Sydney, Australia — 22 June 2023 — Inventia Life Science, the Sydney-based biotech, a global leader in advanced cell models, today announced a new distribution agreement with Biotron Healthcare PVT Ltd. As a result, Biotron Healthcare PVT Ltd has obtained sales rights for Inventia Life Science’s flagship RASTRUM™ platform to enter the Indian market.


The RASTRUM™ platform, a game changer in the field of advanced cell model creation, helps researchers accelerate the quest to investigate and cure debilitating diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative and fibrotic diseases. With applications in biomedical research including drug discovery, disease modeling and fundamental biological research, the RASTRUM™ platform is making physiologically relevant disease models a reality.


RASTRUM™ is designed specifically for cell biology and is a world-first technology. The RASTRUM™ platform is highly automated and powered by the RASTRUM™ platforms which creates complex, miniaturised 3D cell cultures quickly by printing hydrogels and cells in a highly controlled way. Innovative technology empowers scientists to create advanced cell models at unprecedented speed, replacing the time-consuming and manual processes of the past. This means that researchers can spend more time on their research and less time on laborious optimisation processes. It is designed with simplicity and speed in mind so that even a person without prior experience in bioprinting can use the platform and generate meaningful results in a quick and intuitive way that enables a streamlined user-friendly experience.


Dr Julio Ribeiro, Inventia’s founder and CEO said, “India has been constantly developing in the last decade to become a global powerhouse for biomedical research. Through its large network of academic institutes, CROs and ever growing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, it has positioned itself as a key player in the global healthcare sector. Our partnership with Biotron Healthcare PVT Ltd has been based on a high degree of professionalism and common values directed at the desire to make a positive difference on public health and the way that we identify and treat disease.”


Venkatesh Voleti, Director – Sales at Biotron Healthcare PVT Ltd said, “The RASTRUM Platform is unique in many ways and offers an “out of the box” solutions for 3D Bioprinting of 3D Culture Models. We can address users especially in High Throughput Screening in Pharma, CRO and related domains by taking away their challenges of spending resources in standardization. The users can thus focus on their downstream applications. Many of these users are keen and already planning to shift their assays from 2D to 3D Cell culture models. We look forward to bringing this unique and successful platform from Inventia Life Sciences to this growing 3D Cell Culture community in India in the field of Cell Biology.

About Inventia Life Science

At Inventia, we’re creating some of the most powerful tools for advanced biomedical discovery today. We build printers and formulate bioinks that together allow human cells to be printed in three-dimensional structures and help forward-thinking pioneers in the fields of cancer research, drug discovery and medicine to create human tissue for research and therapy purposes. Our RASTRUM™ platform creates 3D cell cultures which imitate real human tissue in terms of its structure and behavior across a range of disease states. The physiological complexity of these cell cultures provides an environment in which world-class research and discovery can occur, right in the researcher’s own lab. Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd was the vision of Dr. Julio Ribeiro and founded by him with Dr. Aidan O'Mahony, Dr. Cameron Ferris and Peter Arthur in 2013 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

About Biotron Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Biotron Healthcare, now in its 25th year, has been providing unique and differentiating, application-based solutions in the field of Life Sciences in India. Biotron Healthcare operates through its own team of Application, Sales, and Support team on a Pan India basis. The systems are installed in virtually every Small Molecule Discovery Lab, be it in Pharma, CRO, Academic and Government funded institutes. Biotron Healthcare, headquartered in Mumbai, India, takes care of marketing interest of some of the world’s leading manufacturers in India on an exclusive basis.

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